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Blackjack: What if dealers used basic strategy?

I'd hate to be the player when the dealer decides, "Oops, your hand is better than mine. I'm only going to pay you half." You also don't want to force players to understand and keep track of too many dealer options, I told him. Table games are designed to encourage customers to play. There can be enough player options to make the game interesting, but it still has to be playable for those who haven't learned or don't yet understand all the options. If you haven’t spent an evening dancing to zydeco music, you have missed out on one of life’… "Certainly, a trained dealer can cope with all the player options better than a new player could cope with dealer plays being optional," Bob said. "But set hit or stand rules for players would make the game easier still.

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Marine RQ-21 Blackjack Drones Are Flying Three Times More Than Expected In Iraq and Syria

In 2018, the Marines also plan to expand the Blackjack’s payload options with the AN/PDY-2 Split Aces radar and the AN/DSY-4 Spectral Bat signals intelligence suite. There are also plans to integrate a version of the Intrepid Tiger electronic warfare system into the RQ-21. The Split Aces systems is an active electronically-scanned array radar with synthetic aperture and ground moving target indicator functionality, which will allow it to track and monitor moving vehicles, as well as capture radar imagery in any weather condition. Spectral Bat is a signal detection and geo-locating system that also has a secondary electronic support function, allowing operators to spot and classify certain emitters. Intrepid Tiger is a communications jammer that can also monitor enemy transmissions. A AN/ALQ-231(V)3 Intrepid Tiger II electronic warfare pod on a Marine UH-1Y helicopter. It’s not clear whether a single RQ-21 might be able to carry one or more of these systems at once, along with its existing sensor turret. However, a single complete “system” with five drones fitted with a mix of this equipment could dramatically expand the capabilities of Marine expeditionary forces, giving them options to locate enemy forces, jam their transmissions, and alert other elements to the presence of hostile sensor or communications nodes. In addition, the drones could provide at least semi-persistent surveillance over a particular area or of a specific moving target for offensive and defensive purposes. All of these capabilities could be very important for relatively small units to maintain an advantage while operating in a distributed manner without necessarily having the benefit of immediate direct or indirect fire support .

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